Menopause Hot Flash Battle Plan Recipe

Free menopause hot flash battle plan recipe below!

Menopause… All of a sudden you feel hot, you feel heat raging through your body as your face reddens and you begin to perspire. Sometimes it feels like fire shooting through your veins as anxiety slaps your brain. It’s called a hot flash and most every middle aged woman experiences this transient, uncomfortable sensation.

What causes this? A basic explanation is the drop in estrogen, which naturally occurs with menopause. If you go to your doctor, more than likely he or she will prescribe HRT or hormone replacement therapy.

Unfortunately a few women suffer from extreme menopausal symptoms. Thus prescribing HRT may actually be necessary, because nothing else has worked.   However HRT should be your last alternative because this therapy can lead to other problems down the road, such as an increased risk of breast cancer.

Thus it’s in your best interest to try natural alternatives before starting HRT. For quite a few women, natural alternatives work just as well, plus natural alternatives allow you side step the increased risk of developing cancer.

QUESTION If low estrogen is the total cause of hot flashes, why are some women not bothered much with hot flashes, while other woman suffer life disruption due to severity and frequency of hot flashes?

ANSWER Let’s start with understanding more details concerning hot flashes. “The part of your brain that regulates temperature responds to both estrogen and adrenaline (a stress hormone from your adrenal glands). We know that if the adrenaline level is normal (ie. low), then your estrogen level can be high or low, it doesn’t matter – you won’t flash. However, if the adrenaline level is chronically high (i.e. you spend a lot of time stressed out), any drop in the estrogen level will trigger a flash.”

If you are a person that:

  • Has a lot of stress in your life and/or
  • Experiences more anxious than most people and/or
  • Consumes a diet high in sugars and starches

It’s likely that you’ll have more difficulty with menopause hot flash management, especially if you lead a stressful life and/or endure a poor diet. Sometimes managing our stress and anxiety level is not within our capacity. However if you can manage to at least lower some stress in your life, of course you should implement such changes, as this will also improve your happiness and quality of life.

Dietary changes are easier to implement, especially if the foods taste good! An easy way to change your diet to help reduce hot flashes due to menopause is to eat more tofu.

“Soy has been shown to be helpful in alleviating the symptoms associated with menopause. Soy foods, like tofu, contain phytoestrogens, specifically the isoflavones, genistein and diadzein.” In a woman’s body, these compounds behave like estrogens and thus, hot flashes maybe reduced.

Believe it or not, tofu takes on the flavor of what it’s exposed to, in other words, if you cook the tofu in a particular sauce, the tofu will taste just like that sauce.

CAUTION When you add tofu to your diet, make sure it’s organic.

If tofu is not organic, it’s likely that the soy plant has been bathed in pesticides and studies point to the fact that the more pesticides you consume, the more likely you will increase your risk of developing cancer. So stick to organic tofu!

Mopo Tofu Sauce

Mopo Tofu – Recipe
A tasty battle plan to reduce menopause hot flashes!

  • One package of extra firm organic tofu
  • 1/4 lb pork sausage
  • 1 – 2 packages of Mopo Tofu Sauce (for more spice add more sauce)
  • One chopped bell pepper of choice
  • 3 – 5 chopped green onions

Use wok or larger frying pan on medium heat, brown pork sausage.
Drain and cube tofu into small bite size pieces.
Wash and dice green onion. Wash bell pepper, remove seeds, then dice.
When pork is thoroughly cooked and beginning to brown, add cubed tofu, diced vegetables and 1 – 2 packages of Mopo Tofu Sauce. Cook for around five minutes while gently tossing frequently to ensure sauce is evenly spread. Enjoy!

On a personal note, if hot flashes become bothersome, I eat Mofu Tofu at least 2 – 3 times weekly for a couple of weeks.  Usually after the second week, my hot flashes are substantially reduced!

Another idea to reduce hot flashes is to nourish your adrenal glands with whole food B vitamins, especially vitamin B5 or pantothenic acid. You can find ideas for foods high in Vitamin B5 at

If all else fails, talk to your family doctor or gynecologist. I wish you good health!

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  1. My sister went a bit overboard adding cinnamon to an apple pie she made last Thanksgiving and now swears by it: she added it to her daily oatmeal (which after eating daily brought her chololesterol down after being threatened by her doctor who wanted her to take a statin!) and she has experienced only two minor hot flashes since, both when she was “stressed out”.

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