Man Lucky Not To Be American

Have you ever watched the television show, Bizarre ER? This show reveals the most unusual cases presented to emergency rooms around the world.

Last weekend a show aired that was filmed in Great Britain. A middle aged gentleman was in an unfortunate car accident that resulted in his car flipping over and dragging along the road on car’s roof top.

ImageThe car was a convertible, so of course the cloth roof top was tore away immediately, and the man’s head was dragged on the concrete, tearing off his scalp and grinding down his skull bone.

A couple of weeks after initial ER treatment, it was obvious that without cosmetic treatment and surgery, this man would be forced to live with an oddly shaped head and skull due to a 2 – 3 inch bald area with a slight indentation. His only chance at looking normal again would be cosmetic treatment that involved stretching his scalp skin to be surgically attached over the damaged area.

The doctors surgically inserted two balloons under his scalp skin, one on each side of the top of his head. Over a short period of time the doctors slowly filled the balloons with saline, forcing the skin on his scalp to stretch.

After a few weeks, the man had a final surgery that involved removing the balloons. Then the doctors pulled the stretched skin over the damaged area of his scalp and stitched the stretched skin together.

Several months later the man presented his scalp with his hair grown back. Unless he separated his hair to reveal the slight scar, one would never be able to detect that this man suffered a traumatic accident that literally tore off part of his head.

As I watched this, I was reminded that this gentleman probably only paid his monthly fee due to Britain’s single payer health care system, which is far less than most health insurance companies charge each person or family per month. More than likely he also did not pay co-pay or deductible. The entire United Kingdom has a single payer health care system with a main focus of allowing their citizens to receive needed care and it’s operated NOT for profit to help hold down the price of care.

In the USA, health insurance companies generally do not cover anything that is “not medically necessary” or cosmetic in nature. Therefore had this gentleman been an “Average Joe” American, more than likely this cosmetic procedure would not have been available to him, because he wouldn’t have tens of thousands of dollars to pay for such a procedure. But Americans finally have a lower costing choice called medical tourism.

Medical tourism is the act of obtaining American quality treatment in another country. The only difference is the cost is typically sixty percent less compared to prices in the USA. Even when you factor in travel costs for two, you still saves big bucks compared to the cost of treatment in the USA.

If you are ever interested in using medical tourism for non-emergent care, you would be wise to use a medical tourism services company to help you uncover the highest quality of care overseas. Throw in medical tourism insurance to cover unexpected rare events, such as complication, you have nothing to loose, yet thousands of dollars to save.

Because most people cannot afford the high cost of health care prices demanded in the USA, medical tourism is a lower costing option that is finally available.

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About medicaltourism4all

Medical Tourism gives you lowering costing health care choices. IHT World gives you the most advanced medical tourism choices while adhering to golden standards of care that Americans demand, without the excessive, unwarranted costs found throughout the United States. How? We verify that the hospitals abroad are fully accredited, which gives you the same superior standards demanded of hospitals in the United States. That means you get American quality care abroad (or better) without the crushing prices. Medical Tourism gives you a world of health care freedom!

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