YES Solar Flares May Affect Your Body

Solar Flare

Recently we been experiencing an intensive amount of solar activity from the Sun, called Solar Flares.

This source of energy definitely has an effect on various sources of communication such as radios and cell phones. So it seems obvious that a few humans might feel the effects of a solar flare hitting our Earth.

How do solar flares affect humans?  I’m not sure this phenomenon has ever been studied.  However if you work in an Emergency Room, any nurse or doctor will tell you that the full moon has a definite effect on some people and their behavior. Therefore if an energy source is strong enough to interrupt radio communication, common sense will tell you that a few people may also feel the result of solar flare.

Remember what happened years ago? “In 1989, a strong solar storm destroyed a transformer in Quebec and left 6 million people without power for nine hours” Click here for details.

If an energy source is strong enough to knock out a transformer, why wouldn’t this same energy alter humans in some way?

Should you worry?  No, because most people will not notice any difference, just like most people are not affected by a full moon.

However a few people may be more sensitive to solar flares. If you feel you are being affected, it might help to drink a little more water to assist your body in flushing out any irritants.

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  1. Joel Parker

    The effect on communications are due to the impact of increased solar flux (e.g., x-ray and ultraviolet) and solar particles on satellites in orbit around the Earth and on the part of the atmosphere (the ionosphere) that reflect and transmit radio waves; they do not affect your phones and radios on the surface of the earth. So, it isn’t reasonable to argue that because solar flares affect various sources of communication they would then affect human bodies on earth. And this article doesn’t provide any more information or evidence on any such effect except to say: ‘I’m not sure this phenomenon has ever been studied.” and “common sense will tell you that a few people may also feel the result of solar flare.”

    Also, all studies of the “full moon effect” (e.g., in hospitals or crime statistics) show no correlation. To quote LiveScience: “Reliable studies comparing the lunar phases to births, heart attacks, deaths, suicides, violence, psychiatric hospital admissions and epileptic seizures, among other things, have over and over again found little or no connection. One possible indirect link: Before modern lighting, the light of a full moon have kept people up at night, leading to sleep deprivation that could have caused other psychological issues, according to one hypothesis that awaits data support.” See:

  2. Joel, I appreciate your well thought out response. But I am reminded of what a doctor taught me in nursing school – for every study that determines a finding; another study can easily disprove the previous study.

    There is so much that we do not know and we cannot explain. Just 100 years ago, we were using leeches to cure infection. Back in the 1970s, we didn’t know that there is a small city inside of every cell, we had no idea what a mitochondria does or even existed.

    I’ve been in the health care field for a long time. I don’t care what some study has determined because I have seen with my own eyes the effects of full moon on a few people. Not everyone is affected, but there is something there that is unexplained. Perhaps one day we’ll understand.

  3. Sarah

    I believe the goverment has this type of information, but for whatever reason, is not sharing. Magnetic fields, radiation, positive or negative charged ions, these effect people! If something can effect radio communications and take down our electrical power it is definintely doing something to us!

  4. Kerry

    Hi, I know this sounds dumb, but I have had a headache all day.

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