Medical Tourism – Surgery Abroad

Medical tourism is becoming popular in the USA, because having surgery abroad is a cost saving alternative due to the fact that the price of health care in the United States has become cost prohibitive.

medical tourism - medical money imageNumerous Americans still have the outdated idea that only in the USA can competent care and treatment be received. It’s true that there are some places in the world one would want to avoid if possible, but that certainly does not hold true for every place in the world outside of the United States.

Regardless of preconceived notions, numerous hospitals abroad have attained accreditation from Joint Commission International. This independent non-profit organization makes sure hospitals abroad meet or exceed specific standards of quality and safety. This includes stringent requirements that all doctors, nurses and other health care professionals have received proper advanced education and training before becoming employed with the hospital abroad, just like we mandate in the U.S.A.

So what treatments are available overseas?  Most any surgery or treatment can be obtained outside the United States, with typical, average savings usually amounting to at least 60%. This includes travel costs, accommodations, lodging, etc.

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About medicaltourism4all

Medical Tourism gives you lowering costing health care choices. IHT World gives you the most advanced medical tourism choices while adhering to golden standards of care that Americans demand, without the excessive, unwarranted costs found throughout the United States. How? We verify that the hospitals abroad are fully accredited, which gives you the same superior standards demanded of hospitals in the United States. That means you get American quality care abroad (or better) without the crushing prices. Medical Tourism gives you a world of health care freedom!

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  1. Great article – I’m from the UK and also have been for surgery abroad in Poland

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